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Mondays have a bad reputation during the week, It’s the day not many people look forward to and tend to dread. It marks the start of the traditional workweek and the end of rest during the weekend. Contrary to most opinions, Mondays are actually the best day of the week. It is only the most essential day for leaders:

A New Beginning 

Mondays mark a fresh start a new beginning every week. When you set your mind on a specific goal, Monday becomes the absolute best day. Monday’s truly set the tone for the rest of the week and offer a chance to be more productive. By starting things off right on a Monday,  you are more likely to keep things going strong for the rest of the week. Make sure to start each Monday with the intention of starting fresh and doing better. 

Creating a Routine

Really set things into motion as a leader by creating a Monday morning routine. Mondays are the most important day to have a morning routine and to stick to it. It gives leaders a razor-sharp focus to give their undivided attention to their team and the tasks at hand. By having a Monday morning routine, you are also more likely to enjoy the rest of the day. Find one that works well with your schedule. For the best results, create a routine that consists of activities you will look forward to doing. Whether it is be making breakfast, hitting the gym, or fixing up a cup of coffee. 

The Master Plan

Before Monday arrives, create a master plan for it. When you plan your Monday out ahead of time, it makes the day go by a lot smoother. This should consist of a certain set of goals and ambitions in mind to accomplish. The best thing you can do is to take care of most of the tasks at the very beginning of the week on Monday. This way, most of what you need to do is out of the way and the week can go by much smoother for you as a leader and for your team. 

A Healthy Start

Kick start Monday being at your peak performance. To perform your best, you have to be making a healthy effort. Start the week off right by making sure each meal is healthy and you are able to squeeze in some time for physical activity. Going for a run can have wondrous effects on our mind and body. Being active and eating healthy on Mondays will help keep your mind sharp and focused.