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The moment you open your eyes in the morning you have a choice. You can choose to start your day with a positive mindset or choose to start your day feeling sluggish and bothered. Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh and make new changes that can make a significant impact on not only your day but also your life in general. Here are a few ways you can start your morning to be successful:

The Night Before

If you want to start your morning with a positive mindset, it actually all begins the night before. A few things to do the night before:

  • Go to bed early.
  • Get mentally organized.
  • Clear the clutter.
  • Organize your space.
  • Set out your things for the next day.

In The Morning

Wake Up Early

The key to having a good start to your day is getting ahead, so you want to start by waking up an hour earlier. People who wake up earlier feel more energized, more relaxed, more productive and are more efficient throughout their day.

Have a Morning Routine

Staying consistent is also key. You may not have total control of your destiny, but you can control how you start each day. Some of the most successful people have a morning routine that includes:

  • Reading something positive.
  • Writing in a gratitude journal.
  • Drinking a glass of water.
  • Doing some form of exercise.
  • Meditating, Planning & Reflecting.


Morning reflections are a collection of powerful, positive and inspirational readings to start your day. Reflect on new opportunities, a fresh perspective, and an overall sense of rejuvenation that your day will bring. You can do this through readings or just a simple self-reflection on yourself focusing on your own personal goals and plans.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed may sound like a tedious silly task to have for your morning routine, but there’s a number of benefits in doing so. Making your bed each morning gives you a sense of accomplishment. It encourages you to keep your space neat and tidy, which leads to improved productivity and also just looks and feels better which actually lowers your stress and enhances your mood.

Implement Positive Habits

If you’re looking for ways to create a successful morning routine, you must implement positive habits. These habits begin as soon as you wake up and end as soon as you fall asleep. Start small by choosing one thing that you want to start doing each day and follow through. Make them specific and measurable and get hooked on your habit.

You’ll soon find that your days are much more productive and you’ll start seeing much more success when you start making your mornings matter.