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When running a business, you are supported by your team and their efforts. As a leader, you must, in turn, give them a reason to follow and support you. The best way to do this is by building their trust. When you make decisions for the company and the employees, your team must trust that your decision is the right one and not doubt your leadership. Here’s how great leaders build trust:

Honesty is the Best Policy

When leading a team, one of the easiest and yet hardest ways to build trust is by being honest with them. Even when it’s something you don’t want to tell them such as budget cuts or losing a big client, telling them these things will help develop trust. When a leader hides impactful details and events from their team, they will don’t you. Even when you as a leader have made a mistake, being open about that mistake and how you are going to fix it when build trust within your business. 

Be a Good Listener

There will always come a time when a team member wants to be heard and share their opinion. When an employee expresses themselves, it’s important for you to listen. As you listen, make sure they know they are being heard, Beyond that, try to what you can to either fix their issue or take what they have said into account. When your team feels as if they are being heard and actions are being taken, they will trust you and be much more willing to follow.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Just because you are the leader of your team, does not mean you are the star of the show. Without your dedicated employees by your side, you would not have a business to begin with. When your team scores a win, do not take all the credit. Recognize that it was a shared effort of your team and give credit where credit is due. Especially if a team member was a key component on a project or successful presentation, make sure they are credited for their work and are made to feel appreciated. This will make clients not only trust you, but they will become much more passionate about their work. 

Trust is very powerful in business. As a leader, building your team’s trust should be a top priority. When your team trusts you, they will follow you with pride and passion which will lead everyone to success.